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The Q Phenomenon: A Unique American Story

What if the world around us is not as we know it? What if popular books, movies and television shows give us a glimpse of the way the world really is rather than being mere fiction? What if our every move is tracked like in The Truman Show? What if we are in a fight for our lives like in The Hunger Games? What if Eyes Wide Shut is how the elite really behave? What if Hal from 2001 A Space Odyssey already exists? What if 1984 is closer to reality than you think? What if everything and everyone in the world is in an epic fight against good and evil? If The Matrix was real, would you take the red pill or would you choose not to know?

The Q phenomenon is a trip down the rabbit hole. "A fascinating, creepy, scary, disgusting and mind blowing deep hole. This is not for the faint of heart, but you have to face the truth as awful it could be. Why? Because real eyes realize real lies. It is only once humanity has faced the lies and awakened to the truth that we will be able to accept the horrors of our past and ensure they will never happen again." Author: IamBecauseWeAre Anonymous v.

If you choose to follow the Q movement, one thing is sure... you will never be the same. The messages from Q started late October 2017 on a message board called 4 Chan [Q Timeline.] The Chans are known as the "Wild West" of the internet, where anyone can post messages or images completely anonymously without censorship. The Anons who post on 4 Chan are somewhat hostile to newcomers and completely politically incorrect. They refer to posters as "newfags" or "oldfags" and someone identifying as female might be told to "pics or GTFO". The Anons are also referred to as Autists because they are known for their legendary and obsessive research skills, including the ability to operate as a hive and geolocate an object from a single photo. Because of the unique skillsets and high intelligence present on the Chans, it's not surprising that government insiders have chosen these boards to drop intelligence.

Q started as an anon, but not just any ordinary anon. Q began asking questions in a way that is known as the Socratic Method, which refers to the transfer of knowledge by the repeated soliciting of answers to questions until a logical fallacy is exposed. The Anons began digging into the intel that was dropped as questions.

The identity of Q is still a secret, but he gave us some clues in this [2 Nov 2017 drop]. Another clue Q drop is this picture tweeted by POTUS on 10:17 AM - 8 Nov 2017 with the filename "DOITQ".

Since those early days numerous proofs have been provided connecting Q to POTUS' tweets or public speeches by timestamps and unique words and phrases, missing words or intentional misspellings. See complete listing of Q Proofs.

Many Anons and patriots have suspected President Trump, himself, is behind the Q posts. At this time, most of us believe that he has taken part but there is a small team of anonymous insiders that are working on the Q team.

Evidence suggests that one or more of the Q team members have a background in military intelligence.

Whoever they are, they are working on draining the swamp and leading the rest of us on a truth-seeking mission, the likes of which has not been seen in our country before...The Great Awakening.

Wherever you are with your personal quest for truth, know that you are not alone, and that there are millions of Americans on a similar journey. There have been numerous verifications of Q's authenticity by notable sources, and Q's actual identity isn't as important as the people of America coming together to begin a much needed national conversation on the state of our country, corruption in our government and the complete unreliability of the mainstream media. This movement has exploded with the birth of the "Citizen Journalist", in which countless concerned citizens have taken to video and social media platforms to share their discoveries and provide proof of the collusion of the MSM to hide the truth. Finding yourself here means you are now part of the movement. Whether you share what you know with one or two people, or with thousands, doesn't matter. What does matter, is that your voice is heard. Patriots stand together. Strength. Power. Where we go one, we go all.

"Read and analyze the posts yourself. Pay attention to details as there can be several meanings to a single statement. Use your instincts, check your facts, and think critically. And please, take your time and digest this as you can handle it. The revelations in these pages aren't for the faint of heart or those who's minds can't be changed. Good luck & Godspeed." - IamBecauseWeAre Anonymous v.

Ninja Warrior Anon

Ninja Warrior is a great source for Q post decodes and insight to the day's relevant news. Checkout his YouTube channel Here