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The President's Weekly Address

For those seasoned citizens like myself, you may remember having to sit through the Jimmy Carter fireside chats. Complete with an overstuffed easy chair, roaring fire, and his familiar sweaters. Parents still had the presence of mind to make children pay attention, because darnit, he's the President of the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first U.S. president to deliver such radio addresses. Ronald Reagan revived the practice of delivering a weekly Saturday radio broadcast in 1982, and his successors have all continued the practice.

With the explosion of digital technology, the internet, and social media, one would think the ability to get direct information on what's happening at the White House, and what's most important on the mind of the President, would be something every American would be interested in. If truth be told, they probably are, but today's media doesn't see it that way, and the weekly presidential address has been buried in the back beyond of the internet wilderness.

At the WGA Network, we think American's are interested in what the President has to say. Whether democrat, republican, or independent, the desire to hear first hand from the President without MSM talking heads interpeting for us is important, and the discussion that follows amoungst us is key to a better country.

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