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Evidence for Q

Evidence abounds that Q is a true high-level insider in the Trump administration, likely with one or more team members in military intelligence. In fact, there is more evidence that Trump endorses Q than the media pundit arguing the loudest against Q at present.

Anyone suggesting that Q is live action role playing (LARPing) or was concocted by a couple of pranksters working in their mother's basement have either not researched Q thoroughly or has their own agenda. There is simply too much foreknowledge/prediction of clandestine operations and world events and coordination with Trump tweets/speeches for this to be possible.

When you read the following, remember that Q has said that everything is connected, and there are no coincidences.

This is who Q claims to be:

Nov. 2nd Q post

One of the first Q proofs is this photo tweeted by POTUS at 10:17 AM on 8 Nov 2017 with the filename "DOITQ" (Q drawn by me).

Dec. 1st Q post Dec. 1st Q post

In the 1 Dec 17 post above, Q reminds us of the information released by that time that confirmed Q's identify as a Trump team insider: the DOITQ photo, coordination between Q posts and POTUS tweets, keywords shared between Q posts an POTUS tweets, and pictures from POTUS trips that indicated Q was there.

One notable Q proof is that Q predicted the shutdown of POTUS' twitter, an event that had not happened before and would not be expected to occur. Note the use of the word "rogue" in both the Q post before the shutdown and the follow-up POTUS tweet in the wee hours of the morning after the event.

Nov. 2nd Q post with Twitter

Q predicted the false ballistic missile threat in Hawaii that occurred the morning of 13 Jan 18 several days ahead. Ref: Wiki Article

Jan. 7th Q post

After the event, Q posted to explain:

Jan. 13th Q post

Q has posted photos allegedly from Air Force One during POTUS' Asian trip (see large infographic provided by anons).

Nov. 6th thru 9th Q post

Q was ahead of the news of the events in North Korea and Iran (infographic provided by anons). Everything has meaning from the calm seas in the background of the photo with the leaders to the chains being cut in the background of the Kim Jung Un photo.

Nov. 6th thru 9th Q post

There have been several requests by anons for Q to verify identity by having the president confirm specific phrases. Here are some examples:

There was a request from 4 chan for POTUS to tweet "Wonderful Day", and POTUS Tweeted it the next day.

Nov. 6th thru 9th Q post

In January 2018, anons on 8 chan requested that POTUS add "Tip Top" to the State of the Union Address. While this didn't occur, POTUS worked it into his Easter remarks.

Nov. 6th thru 9th Q post

President Trump has altered a tweet to add a word with "Q" (Consequential) instead of the word "consensual" (infographic by anons). While the Q post showing the 15 minute marker was intended to be instructive, the 1-minute marker [1] was predicted ahead of the tweets. The close association between Q posts and POTUS tweets with times between matching the values in square brackets demonstrates close coordination between Q and President Trump (or WH staff controlling POTUS' twitter account).

Jan. 7th Q post

The picture below with the firefighters is currently posted in the background of POTUS's Twitter account. The two 5s are a reference to 5:25 on the clock which is the representation of capital letter "Q" on a standard clock face. The remaining numbers on the helmets pictured add up to 17, which is the number corresponding to the letter Q. Trump has also received at least two "17" jerseys from sports teams instead of the traditional "45" which is his presidential number.

Feb. Q post

Q has also predicted world events such as the change in the Lord's Prayer by the Pope or the fact that the Pope was going to have a bad month of May 2018.

Nov. 14th Q post Apr. 3rd Q post

The following photo was posted by Q (22 May 2018) in response to allegations that Q was compromised by a tripcode change. The photo posted is the next in the sequence allegedly shot from the window of Air Force One during POTUS' Asian trip in early Nov 2017 (infographic provided by anons).

May 22nd Q post

The recent hostage release of the 3 men from North Korea was accompanied by a firetruck labeled Q74. Qanon followers were quick to link the "Q" on the truck to Qanon and link back to Q post number 74 (infographic provided by anons).

May 10th Q post

One argument against Q being a psyop concocted by a group of anons is the recently decoded clock map shown below (blank clock map provided by 8 chan anon). The example below barely scratches the surface of the information encoded in the clock map. What I did was select a fairly significant event in recent news, resignation of New York Attorney General Schneiderman on 7 May 18 and traced back dates using the map and Q posts on that date. The red box shows that 7 May is connected to 8 Mar and 7 Jan. There were significant justice-related Q posts on 8 Mar related to the cleanup of the justice department. The overall story, just from these 2 dates and Q posts is that the stage must be set for major arrests to happen (e.g., HRC) by cleaning up the justice department. I haven't even included most of the 7 Jan posts here which have numerous markers in kill boxes, suggesting many more connections. Q later confirmed an anon's supposition that Schneiderman was a roadblock to justice being served.

May 10th Q post May 10th Q post

Only a few of the Q proofs are covered here. It is important to share Q proofs as they arise and archive them offline. There is an entire website of Q proofs at www.qproofs.com that is available for download. The patriots have a vital role in sharing this information; as Q says: "You the PEOPLE, have THE POWER. You the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY."

May 10th Q post

Article by Micro_Anon of the Patriots United Network