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This is your invitation to join the WGA Network Discord servers; where YouTubers, Q Researchers, and patriots like yourself gather to share information and discuss what's happening in the Q World. Here you'll have access to talk and text chatrooms, decodes on the current Q posts and much more. You don't have to go it alone, there are others from across the country and around the world, that ready welcome you to the discussion.

Below you'll find an outline of our server rules and policies that in place to make everyone's experience the best it can be. Please read this section carefully and thoughtfully, and if you think you can participate under these guidlines, then follow the instructions that follow the rules and policies and get ready to join the fight.

WGA Network Discord Servers Rules & Policies

All complaints will be ignored unless there is a major issue/abuse of rank with proof, and are subject to the specific server channel's rules and policies.

Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban.

Post content in the CORRECT CHANNELS. We have them for a reason. Use them! Admin/Mods reserve the right to delete/move content to the appropriate channels.

No excessive swearing in voice chat/text. Admin/Mods reserve the right to move you there if you are crossing a line, If you continue, you will be muted/deafened.

Stay on topic when research is ongoing in the voice/text channels.

Do not steer the conversation and make unnecessary links to incite fear/anger.

DO NOT POST SOMEONE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION WITHOUT PERMISSION. (INSTA-PERMABAN) "The We Go All server is for the free and open use of any and all such persons who share an interest in the topics herein expressed and discussed. All such persons are encouraged to express themselves freely and openly, under the following assurances; to which all of the users of this forum agree:

All of the works enumerated on the iBoR Discord Channel, or any other internet format, whether textual or artistic, are the formal Intellectual Property of their creator, creators, or their assigns. All of these works are legally protected under the auspices of The Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property (PRO-IP) Act of 2008.

Any work or works of any kind created by any person, persons or other such legal and lawful entity or entities will be wholly protected to the fullest extent of the Law, and any and all unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or other such use or usage of any and all such works without the formal and specific permission of its owner, owners, or their assigns will result in specific civil and criminal penalties under that Act. Such unauthorized use of the said proprietary materials will be considered to be in direct and indirect violation of United States Cyber Law.

United States Cyber Law is the part of the overall legal system that deals with the Internet, Cyberspace, and their respective legal issues; and affects and regulates all such occurrences arising from the use and misuse of information and/or data, both public and private, as posted on the internet in specific, and in Cyberspace in general. Such violations fall under the direct jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), under the specific oversight of the Office of the Intellectual Properties Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC)."

These rules are subject to change at any time.

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Click the link below and download the Discord App for your specific computer or device. Once you find out how much fun you can have and information you'll have access to, you'll definately want to have it on your mobile device well. You'll find active members 24/7 on the WGA Network. On this page you can download versions for Windows OS, MAC, Android, iOS, and Linux>

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After you have downloaded and installed the Discord App, use the following links as your invitations to your preferred server.

We Go All Discord is the original server associated with the We-Go-All.net website. Great group of researchers and patriots focused on decoding Q posts and uncovering real news while unraveling the MSM web.

>>Click To Join The WGA Network Server<<

Patriots United Discord A warm welcoming Discord community of patriots following Qanon, the Storm and the Great Awakening. Come for friendship or to participate in deep research. Open to all, including those new to Discord

>>Click To Join The Patriots United Server<<

Darkness to Light Discord Have you walked away from the Democratic party and need support from like-minded people? This is where you want to be. Speak with others, share your experiences and learn from others. Are you interested in finding more about Q? We want to talk to you!

>>Click To Join Darkness to Light Server<<